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Mackay, Claire
Mackay, Claire (Canada)
MaD hAtTeR, tHe
MaD hAtTeR, ThE
MaD hAtTeR, tHe
Maguire, Gregory
Makrancy, Lauren, The Lewis School, Princeton
Mallan, Kerry, Queensland University of Technology
Margison, Judith A., Simon Fraser University
Margison, Judith A., Simon Fraser University (Australia)
Marston, Elsa
Masson, Sophie, University of New England
Matthews, Katherine
Matthews, Katherine (Australia)
McAlister, Caroline, Guilford College, NC
McCabe, Nancy, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
McCarthy, Michael Francis, University of British Columbia
McCullam, Jane and Bill, La Trobe University
McGillis, Roderick, University of Calgary
McInally, Kate, Deakin University
McKinley, Amanda, University of British Columbia
McQueen, Sharon, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Mdallel, Sabeur, University of Tampere
Michaels, Julia
Mielke, Tammy L., University of Wyoming
Miller, Kathleen A., University of Delaware
Miller, Lisa, La Trobe University
Mills, Allison, University of British Columbia
Miskec, Jennifer, Longwood University
Mo, Weimin, University of South Florida
Montag, Linda, University of Haifa
Morris, Paul, La Trobe University
Morrison, Maria
Moser, Keith, Mississippi State University
Mullen, Ginger, University of British Columbia
Mullins, Katie, Queens University, Ontario

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